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We Are Their Only Hope

If a grandmother's love alone were enough to provide good food and a warm home, Yuliya and her little brother Maxim would be well cared for. Sadly, love alone is not enough.

These Jewish children live with their widowed grandmother, Ludmilla, in the former Soviet Union (FSU). Their house is little more than a shack that is always cold, dark, and wet.

Ludmilla has been caring for the children after their mother abandoned them. Her meager pension does not cover her own needs, let alone her grandchildren's. She is doing the best she can for Yuliya and Maxim, but the bitter cold and constant dampness are taking a terrible toll on their health.

Indeed, the painful truth is that without someone to help them, thousands of suffering Jewish children in the former Soviet Union like Yuliya and Maxim will face a similar heartbreaking future.

Thankfully The Fellowship is helping Yuliya and Maxim by providing them with food, medicine, clothing, and school supplies through our Isaiah 58 program.

But the crisis in Ukraine this year has created an even greater need among the Jewish people.Unless we expand our efforts, many more children and elderly will continue to slide deeper into life-threatening poverty.

Please send your generous gift to support children like Yuliya and Maxim, who would otherwise be forgotten. Together we can fulfill the biblical call, "Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow" (Isaiah 1:17).