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Saving Grace for a Destitute Family

Seven-year-old Daniel lives in an abandoned building in the soviet republic of Georgia. His family used to have a house of their own, but they were forced to sell it to cover their debts.

Daniel, his mother, and his grandmother live together in a tiny kitchen, which was never intended to serve as a home. They use cardboard and bed sheets to create makeshift walls where the real walls have worn through, leaving them exposed to the freezing winter temperatures.

Daniel's father abandoned the family when he was an infant and provides no support. His mother and grandmother are unemployed. Every day is a struggle for this family, who does not have money to pay for food or electricity.

Their one saving grace is that The Fellowship provides them with a food card and utilities subsidies in the winter. The struggling family doesn't know what they would do without this assistance. And The Fellowship doesn't know what we would do without our donors, who enable us to make this kind of lifesaving difference all year round.

Genesis 12:3 tells us that when we bless Israel, God blesses us. When you selflessly give a year-end gift to impoverished families like Daniel's – or to orphans, Holocaust survivors, and others in desperate need – we know God will bless you this holiday season and in the coming year.