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Rachel Leah - Angels are Here on earth

In 1942, Rachel Leah, a Russian Jew, lived through one of the most terrible chapters in all of World War II: the Nazi blockade of Leningrad (today called St. Petersburg). She survived the siege, but at the end of the war contracted polio and spent many years bedridden and totally dependent on her sister. When her sister died, Rachel Leah's hope died with her.

Rachel Leah was mired in loneliness and depression but then her life turned around. One day, she received a visit from an outreach worker sent by the local Jewish community center. The kindness and compassion of this home-care volunteer changed Rachel Leah's life, breaking through her hopelessness and leading her to one day tell the worker: "My parents often said that angels are here on earth. I was losing faith that they even existed in heaven, but you have restored my faith."

"Thanks to the generosity our Isaiah 58 donors and this kindly aid worker, Rachel Leah can now face her life with renewed hope," said Rabbi Eckstein, The Fellowship’s President. "I hope you will consider a gift today to our lifesaving Isaiah 58 ministry, which helps not only Rachel Leah, but thousands like her throughout this region." Join with others making a difference