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A Tragic Tale of Poverty

Olga is a 58-year-old Jewish woman living in the former Soviet Union. She and her husband share a severely run-down apartment that is littered with old, broken personal items, and even her garbage.

No one should have to live this way. Olga also suffers from debilitating arthritis that often requires significant medical attention. And, sadly, she also struggles with mental illness and cannot take care of herself day-to-day.

Poverty like this is common among elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. Olga and her husband cannot afford to pay for food, much-needed medicines, or even basic necessities.

This tragic story is the daily reality for tens of thousands of elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union, watch this video now to see their stories.

Today, The Fellowship provides Olga and her husband with lifesaving help that allows them to purchase food and medication. She feels blessed to finally have the care and provisions she needs, but knows that there are many elderly Jews like herself who do not have a place to turn for help.

Your faithful gift of love and compassion will provide immediate assistance to many more precious souls like Olga.

Please consider your very best gift, in faith, as a way to bless and be blessed as you give.