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Nowhere to Turn

Svetlana, a 76-year-old former teacher, lives in a rundown apartment building in Azerbaijan. The cold and barren walls around her have become a virtual prison ever since Svetlana broke her leg in several places, making it nearly impossible and far too dangerous to descend the dark stairwell in her building.

Although there is a communal bathroom in the courtyard, it is too hard for Svetlana to walk there regularly. Instead, she must contend with the unsanitary conditions in her tiny apartment.

In addition to the issues with her leg, Svetlana also has heart problems, hypertension, and fading eyesight. After supporting herself her whole life, she now has no living relatives to turn to in her time of need.

Svetlana's tragic circumstances underscore why The Fellowship is committed to providing for the basic needs of older Jewish men and women like her in this harsh region. The meager government pensions they are allotted cannot even begin to cover their needs – if the payments arrive on time, or at all!

Your gift to The Fellowship will help ensure that Svetlana and thousands like her will have food packages, medicines, and other essentials to help them survive the fast-approaching, brutal winter.

Please join us in providing lifesaving care to the elderly who urgently need us today!