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No Longer Isolated and Alone

Thirteen-year-old Raul lives with three generations of women in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, isolated from other boys his age by his poverty and poor health. Kidney and heart problems and a hormone imbalance often cause him to miss school and he requires a constant regime of medication.

His mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all suffer from diabetes and depression, so Raul is often left to fend for himself. His father lives in Israel and has not seen or contacted Raul since he was an infant. The family's only income is the great-grandmother's pension, which is too small to support a family of four.

Thankfully, The Fellowship provides Raul with a food card, medicine, and subsidized doctor's visits. This young man is grateful that others are reaching through his isolation to let him know he is cared for and loved.

Please watch this important video to see the life-changing difference The Fellowship is making – the kind of difference YOU can make when you give a year-end gift to impoverished families like Raul's, or to orphans, Holocaust survivors, and others in desperate need. May God generously bless you as you bless His children.