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Nikita: A Young Boy Receives Essential Nourishment

Nikita was born in 2003 to a Jewish family in a small town in the Ukraine. Just a year after his birth, his mother's health began to deteriorate. For a long time doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her, and her condition continued to worsen. She was eventually diagnosed with heart disease brought on by a serious heart defect. She immediately needed to undergo two surgical procedures.

In order to pay for the surgeries, the family was forced to sell nearly everything they owned, including their apartment. Thank God, the operation went smoothly. But Nikita's mother continued to need constant care, and his father did the best he could to care for her during the day, while working at night to support the family.

Nikita's parents forgo many basic necessities in order to provide Nikita with everything he needs. All other funds go towards paying off their outstanding medical debts. They live in a decrepit house that lacks even basic amenities, including running water.

Despite their difficult circumstances, the family does not fall into despair. This is in large part due to the essential aid provided them by The Fellowship's Isaiah 58 program. Through Isaiah, they are supplied with monthly food packages that give Nikita the nourishment he needs and help him feel like a "normal" boy. Without this life-saving assistance, the family simply would not be able to get by.

Throughout the former Soviet Union there are families like Nikita's for whom every day is a struggle for survival. You can help ease their plight through a gift to Isaiah 58. Please give today