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Misha: "Adopted" by caring Isaiah 58 friends

Misha, a nine-year-old boy in Kiev, Ukraine, had been living in a state-run orphanage since his mother abandoned him at birth. Most state-run orphanages in Ukraine are run-down, poorly funded and dangerous. Misha eventually became dreadfully sick in this environment and required constant medical care.

His great-grandmother was heartbroken over Misha's plight, but was too old and sick to take him into her home. Then she found out about the Orach Chaim children's home, funded by The Fellowship's Isaiah 58 program.

Misha was welcomed at Orach Chaim. The staff immediately put him on a balanced diet and made sure he attended school. A bright young boy in the second grade, he is now doing well in his studies, participating in many of the activities at the home, and eagerly receiving biblical instruction in his Jewish faith. And his great-grandmother can now rest assured that he is being properly cared for.

Misha's future looked bleak—until he was "adopted" by our Fellowship partners. Please join with others who are helping thousands of young boys in the former Soviet Union like Misha through a gift to The Fellowship’s Isaiah 58 program. By doing so, you will truly be following the biblical injunction to "share your food with the hungry … provide the poor wanderer with shelter — when you see the naked, to clothe him" (Isaiah 58:7). Support the life-changing work of the Isaiah 58 program