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Medical Assistance from The Fellowship saves Elderly Man's Life

Zinovi is an elderly Jewish man living in the former Soviet Union. His wife died several years ago and now he is all alone.

Zinovi has a heart condition and was hospitalized after suffering a severe heart attack.

When he was discharged, the doctors told him to regularly visit a local clinic for vital, ongoing heart treatments. But due to his failing health, Zinovi couldn't walk to the clinic. And he wouldn't have been able to afford the expensive procedures anyway.

The abandoned and critically ill elderly man didn't know what to do.

Thankfully, supporters of The Fellowship stepped in to help by providing him with the necessary medical care, along with home visits to care for his needs during the week. Volunteers bring him food, maintain his apartment and provide him with the comfort and care he needs.

Yet thousands of other Jews in the former Soviet Union still struggle daily with the choice of feeding their family or buying essential medicines they need. Growing anti-Semitism throughout the region is making it even more difficult for Jewish people to escape poverty.

That is why, today, The Fellowship is calling on faithful friends like you to help provide much-needed medical assistance to people in desperate need like Zinovi. Thanks to The Fellowship and our faithful partners, Zinovi has his dignity back and no longer feels alone.

Please join our lifesaving work and reach out to help provide basic medical assistance to impoverished Jews in both Israel and the former Soviet Union.