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Maryia and Abraham: Food for the body - and the spirit

Maryia and her two-year-old son, Abraham, live in Russia. Abraham suffers from severe nerve damage that requires expensive medication. While Maryia does all she can for him, with no family to assist her and a paltry monthly child care allowance of only $18, every day is a struggle to survive. Maryia can barely afford to buy food, let alone the medicine her son needs.

Maryia felt she had nowhere to turn for help. But thanks to good friends like you, The Fellowship was able to step in and provide her and Abraham with food packages and clothing through Isaiah 58, our program that assists impoverished Russian Jews. This support has not only prevented them from going hungry, it has lifted Maryia's spirits as well - she no longer feels forgotten.

Maryia is overcome by the invaluable gift she and Abraham have received and struggles to express her thanks in words. But you can see the look of gratitude on her face. On her behalf, and on behalf of all the needy Jews given lifesaving assistance through Isaiah 58, Thank you for following the scriptural call to "maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed .… rescue the weak and needy" (Psalm 82:3-4).

Your gift today to Isaiah 58 helps countless other Jews throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union. Help us ensure that these people who are desperate for assistance can live with a measure of peace and comfort — Please give today