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Making an Impossible Choice

Every day, Katerina is forced to make an impossible decision.

Living in severe poverty, Katerina cannot survive on her meager pension. As a result, she must make the heart-wrenching choice to buy either food, her critical medications, or fuel to keep from freezing.

She cannot afford to do all three.

Please take a moment to hear more of Katerina’s story.

Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands of Holocaust survivors like Katerina who are suffering at this very moment.

Without the help of faithful friends like you, many will not survive another harsh winter. That is why I ask you to prayerfully consider how you can be a direct support to vulnerable elderly Jews like Katerina.

Your critically needed gift of love and compassion through The Fellowship can save lives. Your gift today will immediately go to work helping Holocaust survivors and other elderly Jews receive food, heating fuel, critical medicines, and many other basic necessities.