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Lifesaving Help for a Desperate Family

Life wasn't easy for the Bondarchuk family before unrest gripped their home country of Ukraine. Then it became simply impossible.

Nikolay and Marina and their children – 13-year-old Kristina, 3-year-old Valeriya, and 2-year-old Andrey – lived in a bad neighborhood, where people often broke into their one-room apartment and stole what little food they had.

Nikolay worked in a bakery for minimum wage, and Marina, a former sales clerk, stayed home to care for the children. They did their best, but still struggled to survive.

The Fellowship provided them with food cards, bedding, towels, school supplies, and clothes – and when the family was forced to flee for their lives in the midst of Ukraine's political unrest, we offered them a much-needed lifeline.

The family was able to escape to Odessa, where they arrived at a Fellowship-supported orphanage seeking shelter. We provided them with lodging in the boarding school, along with many other displaced Ukrainian Jews escaping the danger in their hometowns.

The Bondarchuks have since moved and now live in Fellowship funded housing where they receive nutritious food for the family and schooling for the children. And next month The Fellowship is flying a planeload of Ukrainian Jews to Israel, where they can finally live freely as Jews.

Your end-of-year gift helps us provide this kind of lifesaving help to people in desperate need. Thank you for your generous heart for God's children!