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Lifesaving Heat for Israel's Impoverished Elderly

When Shmulek and Sophie moved to Israel from the former Soviet Union, it was the fulfillment of a dream. But life in the Holy Land has been full of struggle. Because the couple is elderly and unable to speak Hebrew, they had to take low-paying jobs that barely allowed them to make a living. Then a year ago Shmulek was diagnosed with cancer. Since the illness has taken hold of him, he has not been able to work or perform basic household tasks.

Sophie still works when she can, but her paychecks hardly cover the couple's needs. They have cut back on food, and during the winter they simply cannot afford heat. Going without heat this year is especially dangerous, as temperatures and snowfall in Israel have been unusually harsh.

Tragically, there are so many more people like Shmulek and Sophie who desperately need our help. A recent survey revealed that 71% of Israeli citizens can barely afford to heat their homes. And 80% of older residents said they will be forced to cut back on home heating due to financial hardship. But there is hope. Through our Operation Warmth program, The Fellowship will help provide heat for Shmulek and Sophie this winter. The couple is eternally grateful for this lifesaving assistance, and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the people who made it possible.

We heard this gratitude echoed in a recent letter we received from the son of an elderly woman who received winter heating support and blankets through Operation Warmth. "The generosity of good people and lovers of this country gives the elderly hope that there is someone who thinks about them," he wrote.

With the unusually cold winter in Israel this year, The Fellowship is receiving even more requests for help than usual. There are so many more elderly people like Shmulek and Sophie, who are in desperate need and have no one else to turn to.

Please reach out today to help us provide lifesaving winter assistance to impoverished elderly people throughout Israel — and may God bless you for hearing their pleas for help.

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