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Isaiah 58 Fast: A Help to Suffering Jews

In Isaiah 58:6, God Himself asked, “Is this not the kind of fasting I have chosen …” Then He revealed to us the elements of the fast that is pleasing to Him (v. 7):

  • Dividing our bread with the hungry
  • Sheltering the homeless
  • Clothing the naked

This biblical mandate is the principle call for The Fellowship’s Isaiah 58 ministry for suffering elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union.

My friend, we need your help to continue this ministry of compassion to the most destitute of Israel’s remnants.

When you take faithful action and support the Jewish people, we know that you too share in the blessing of the Isaiah 58 fast:

v. 8: You will be a light in darkness and experience rapid recovery; your righteousness will be proclaimed, and God’s glory will protect you.

v. 9: The Lord will manifest His presence in your life.

v. 10: Your gloom will lift producing a better attitude toward life, and

v. 11: God will guide you and satisfy your needs, and you will have divine strength.

Today, we ask you to prayerfully give a gift of $58 to provide much-needed care to those who have suffered devastating losses in Ukraine’s war, and for poverty-stricken elderly Jews and children facing a life-threatening Siberian winter.

Whatever you are able to share––and every dollar counts––can literally mean survival for devastated families. And you too will be blessed by caring for others through an “Isaiah 58 Fast,” as God promises!

So please, for the sake of these desperate Jewish souls, “divide your bread with the hungry” by giving your best gift today!