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He's Suffered Enough

Geovany fought the Nazis bravely in World War II as a member of the Russian army. His company became involved in one battle so fierce that out of 101 soldiers, only Geovany and one other survived.

Today, this brave former soldier and widower faces a battle of his own in Riga, Latvia. Geovany is fighting failing health and war injuries that have left him unable to care for himself.

However, Geovany's greatest concern this winter is the same one faced by thousands of other elderly Jews in this region – the danger of living in bitter cold in poorly heated, or even unheated, dilapidated shacks.

And for those we support in Ukraine, the situation continues to grow darker, as gas lines have been broken due to unrest in the region.

This is why The Fellowship is addressing this huge need through our lifesaving Operation Winter Warmth campaign for thousands of Jewish elderly in the former Soviet Union and also in Israel.

This outreach of compassion is providing winter essentials such as heat, warm blankets, and food for these most vulnerable Jewish men and women in the twilight of their lives.

The needs for this vital, annual ministry effort are significant. Today, you can make a life-enabling difference in the lives of those who have already suffered so deeply. Your gift to Operation Winter Warmth will help provide food, medicine, heating fuel, and other essential care items. And it will let these brave souls know they are not alone in their fight for survival.