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Helping Elderly Jews Survive a Harsh Winter

It's a heartbreaking scenario. As winter temperatures in the former Soviet Union plunge to 50 degrees below zero, the region's aging and impoverished Jewish population — including Holocaust survivors — must choose between heating their homes and buying food and medicine.

After surviving both Nazism and decades of Communist oppression, we cannot allow them to suffer through another brutal winter without even the most basic necessities.

That is why through our Isaiah 58 program, IFCJ supporters are helping us provide essentials like food packages, heating fuel and medical care as well as the emotional and physical comfort destitute elderly people need to survive these harsh winter months.

In Moldova, the experience of an eighty-year-old woman named Feiga is typical of elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. She lives alone in a small run-down one-bedroom apartment and must pay almost half of her meager $43 monthly pension just to heat her home. That means very little is left for food, medicine, or rent.

Through IFCJ's Isaiah 58 programs, Feiga receives monthly food packages, help in purchasing the medicine she needs and in-home care from Isaiah 58 volunteers. It is only through the gifts from friends like you that Feiga is able to make it through the winter.

Please give Feiga and others like her the comfort and dignity they deserve by helping us supply more lifesaving Isaiah 58 assistance today.

These dear people have no one else to turn to for help. That is why your support is so critical right now.

The cost to sustain a fragile life is very modest—only $50 a month to provide one needy person with winter relief like heating fuel, blankets, and warm clothing, as well as a box of nutritious food. It is a relatively small amount of money that can mean the difference between life and death for someone struggling to survive.

Make a contribution today to help elderly Jews survive the harsh winter.