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Helping a Man Broken in Body and Spirit

Boris spends most days in pain. This 83-year-old living in Azerbaijan has a foot ulcer and leg pain that forces him to spend his nights sleeping in a chair, resting his head on the kitchen table.

As a result of heart disease, Boris also has near constant burning in his chest. He cannot see out of one eye and may have undiagnosed diabetes.

But all this physical pain is eclipsed by the emotional pain he knows from the recent passing of his beloved wife. The couple never had children, so Boris has no nearby relatives to care for him and keep him company.

When The Fellowship learned about Boris' plight, we began supplying him with food cards, subsidized medicine, winter relief, and a homecare worker who assists with his daily needs. One of those greatest needs is for companionship and the knowledge that he is not forgotten in his final years. Boris is so grateful that The Fellowship's generous donors supply this in abundance.

When you give to The Fellowship, you help ensure that lonely widowers like Boris are cared for, and you help us provide a lifesaving difference for orphans, Holocaust survivors, and other homebound elderly. And when you do, you please our compassionate God.