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Help Provide Hope and Dignity to Impoverished Elderly Jews

Raisa, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, is living out her final years in pain and sadness. She is totally bedridden and struggling with intense poverty. Aaron, her 88-year-old husband, struggles to care for her both day and night. They have nowhere else to turn for much-needed support, and The Fellowship is their final hope.

Raisa and Aaron met in Kazakhstan, where they both fled after losing nearly all their family members in the war. It was love at first sight and they immediately got married. "We have been supporting each other during the hard times from the day we met," Aaron says.

Upon their arrival in Israel – with only a few pieces of clothing and about $200 – Aaron and Raisa moved into a tiny apartment in the northern town of Or Akiva. Their apartment building has chronic sewage leaks and broken concrete on the outside walls, floor, and steps; the building is totally neglected. Even with the inexpensive rent, on a monthly basis Aaron is forced to choose between buying medicine for him and his wife, or paying for electricity or food.

Thankfully, The Fellowship provides Raisa and Aaron with food boxes. "We are being shown that we're not alone," says Aaron, tearfully. "God never abandons His people, and The Fellowship is reminding people of that every day."

When you give generously to The Fellowship, you help provide lifesaving necessities, comfort, and dignity to these impoverished elderly in Israel and the former Soviet Union who desperately need it. And most importantly, you reassure them they are not forgotten.