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Giving Warmth to a Family in Despair

Eight-month-old Artyom and his parents, Yury and Irina, live in a one-room apartment in Latvia that belongs to a friend of Irina's who is studying abroad. They don't know what they would do without her help or what they will do when she returns.

Medical concerns dominate the family's life. Yury was born with chronic heart disease, making him unable to work full time. He works part time as a consultant, but it doesn't pay enough to support his wife and son. They live in poverty and struggle to survive day by day.

Irina hasn't gone back to work yet after the birth of her son as she must care for Artyom, who also has health problems. Hemorrhaging during his birth left Artyom with developmental delays and trying to get him therapy, is a long, complicated, and expensive process. At one point, Artyom stopped eating and growing, underscoring how vital it is that he receives proper help.

The approaching winter is only worsening the plight of this struggling family. How can they afford to stay warm in Latvia's bitter winter when they barely have money to put food on the table?

Thankfully, The Fellowship provides Artyom, Irina, and Yury with food cards, clothing, and subsidized medicine and through our Operation Warmth Campaign we are providing winter relief that will ensure they stay warm in the months to come. This essential assistance warms their bodies and their hearts with the knowledge that generous friends like you around the world care about their wellbeing.