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Critical Needs at a Critical Time

Oleg is an eight-year-old boy from Mirgorod, Ukraine. His mother is a cleaning woman by day and works in a bread factory at night. Yet they struggle daily to have a warm place to stay and enough food to eat. Without immediate help, Oleg's family would most likely not survive the harsh winter.

Hunger and bitter cold are terrible challenges for anyone to face. Yet for many Jews in Ukraine and throughout the former Soviet Union, it is a harsh reality. More difficult still, is the impact of the war-torn region on battered homes, lost businesses, and those struggling simply to get by day-to-day.

That is why we created the Isaiah 58 ministry as part of The Fellowship.

Isaiah 58 can respond urgently, usually within a few hours, to set up crisis food centers, emergency shelters, and serve those who often have to choose between critical medicines and basic food.

It is because of the continued generosity of friends like you who give out of a heart of love and compassion, that are we able to meet these critical needs. The Hebrew word Chesed, meaning loving kindness, bonds us together in love to serve and give to the most vulnerable among the Jewish people.

I urge you today to reaffirm your love and compassion for the Jewish people by making a gift of monthly support to The Fellowship. With your ongoing help, we are able to share light and hope at the darkest moments to those so desperately needing our assistance.