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Choosing Food or Heat to Survive

Imagine having no food and only surviving on warm water, oil, salt, and sugar.

Think of what your life would be like if you had to ration food during spring and summer so that you could afford firewood in winter.

Thousands of Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union do not have to imagine these things. Tragic hardships, such as these and far worse, are the harsh reality elderly Jews face every day.

We met Maria a previous winter and her story broke our hearts.

Even the images in this video do not fully capture the brutal poverty and bitter cold that these vulnerable elderly Jews endure. Thousands feel completely alone, abandoned, and cannot survive without our help.

Holocaust survivors on the verge of starvation desperately need friends like you to join with The Fellowship to help ease their suffering and bring food, clothing, heating fuel, and medicines.

That is why we ask you to take action today—to stand with Israel and the Jewish people around the world to say, “This must stop!” Time is running out for so many.

Please give your very best gift today as a way to quickly respond to the most vulnerable elderly Jews around the world. Your gift to The Fellowship today will be a lifesaving blessing for a Holocaust survivor who is completely alone.