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Be Her Miracle

You can be a miracle for one of the tens of thousands of elderly Jews who are suffering and praying for a miracle to sustain them.

One of these Jews who suffers greatly is Lena. She is a lonely Ukrainian Holocaust survivor who lost her husband, daughter, and grandson. Now, she struggles to make it through another day.

Only through compassionate gifts is The Fellowship able to provide Lena with an attentive caregiver who brings her food, water, and companionship each week helping her make it through the long, dark, and lonely final days.

Thank God Fellowship friends reached Lena in time. However, there are still thousands of other destitute Jewish widows just like her who need a MIRACLE. Your gift today will rescue someone like Lena tomorrow.

And you will have the deep satisfaction of knowing that, “I rescued the poor who cried for help” (Job 29:12).

Be a miracle today with your most generous monthly gift that elderly Jews are praying for!