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Answer Their Cries for Help

Nearly blind and unable to hear, Chana is utterly alone in one of the most isolated areas of the former Soviet Union (FSU). She is just one of thousands of elderly in Israel and the FSU living lives fraught with deep loneliness and crushing poverty. They also experience severe anxiety and fear not knowing how they will survive another day.

These Holocaust survivors and homebound elderly are unable to afford life's basic necessities such as food, shelter, medicine, and heating for their homes. Please watch this powerful video to learn how just a few dollars a day can make a lifesaving difference to impoverished elderly like Chana.

In their stories we hear the echoes of Psalm 71:9, "Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone." And when we answer their cries for help, we are fulfilling God's call to care for the poor and elderly – reminding these who have suffered so much that they are not alone.