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Anastasia's Personal Miracle

The tragic story of Anastasia began six years ago, when she entered the world into a single-parent family wracked by poverty and despair.

She and her mother share a small, run-down home in Ukraine with Anastasia's grandmother – surviving on only a small pension. The freezing winter winds penetrate their home through the cracks in the walls, broken windows, and leaking roof. For Anastasia, winter has never been a positive experience; snow is not a joy.

When Fellowship representatives visited their home for the first time, they could not believe the mess and the unbearable smell. When they handed Anastasia The Fellowship's food parcel, she glowed with happiness, immediately snatching the cookies from the package.

From that day on, Anastasia has considered the parcel as her personal miracle – and she eagerly awaits the arrival of each new Fellowship food package.

The crisis in Ukraine this year has created an even greater need among Jewish families, such as Anastasia's. Unless we expand our efforts, many more children and elderly will continue to slide deeper into life-threatening poverty.

Please send your generous gift to support children like Anastasia, who would otherwise be forgotten. Together we can fulfill the biblical call, "Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow" (Isaiah 1:17).