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sad young girl with brunette hair and bangs

A Nine-year-old Should Never Face Such Hatred

Nine-year-old Nastya’s world is one full of challenges, especially living in a very dangerous part of Kiev, Ukraine. Every day, Nastya must pass by a disgusting drawing of a woman with the...

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elderly woman, gray and black button up sweater, hands folded

Nowhere Else to Turn

As children during WWII, Bella and Alexander were forced to flee their hometown of Donetsk, Ukraine, to escape the Nazis. And last summer they became refugees once again as fighting between the...

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young toddler girl (Zhenja Lemeshkin), sad, struggle

Will You Be an Angel of Hope Today?

We met 7-year-old David and his 2-month-old baby sister, Angelina, at a Fellowship-supported orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine. Their mother suffers from a debilitating mental illness,...

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Elderly Man Sitting on Front Steps, hand buried in his head, wearing a brown sweater

Isaiah 58 Fast: A Help to Suffering Jews

In Isaiah 58:6, God Himself asked, “Is this not the kind of fasting I have chosen …” Then He revealed to us the elements of the fast that is pleasing to Him (v. 7):...

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fundraising video story, Elderly

Making an Impossible Choice

Every day, Katerina is forced to make an impossible decision. Living in severe poverty, Katerina cannot survive on her meager pension. As a result, she must make the heart-wrenching choice to...

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Choosing Food or Heat to Survive

Imagine having no food and only surviving on warm water, oil, salt, and sugar. Think of what your life would be like if you had to ration food during spring and summer so that you could afford...

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Critical Care, Warmth, and Dignity

Right now, The Fellowship is working swiftly through Operation Winter Warmth to meet the growing needs of impoverished Jews around the world, and we need your help urgently.

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A Tragic Tale of Poverty

Olga is a 58-year-old Jewish woman living in the former Soviet Union. She and her husband share a severely run-down apartment that is littered with old, broken personal items, and even her...

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Our God-Given Moment to Help Save Lives!

Majina is a 78-year-old Jewish woman from Mariupol, Ukraine, who until just two years ago was still providing loving care for children in her community.

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Providing Lifesaving Warmth!

Alexander and Daniel did not know the feeling of heat or hot water in the winter – until Fellowship friends like you gave them this wonderful gift!

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Your Winter Survival Help Is Urgently Needed!

We have often sat in freezing shacks in the former Soviet Union, holding the weathered hands of elderly Jews as they wept with gratitude for the winter care we brought them.

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Misha: "Adopted" by caring Isaiah 58 friends

Misha, a nine-year-old boy in Kiev, Ukraine, had been living in a state-run orphanage since his mother abandoned him at birth.

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Rachel Leah - Angels are Here on earth

In 1942, Rachel Leah, a Russian Jew, lived through one of the most terrible chapters in all of World War II: the Nazi blockade of Leningrad (today called St. Petersburg).

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Katarina Has Suffered Enough

Eighty-seven-year-old Katarina was, in her own words, "alone in the world" before The Fellowship began helping her.

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Bitter Cold and a Cry for Help

It's said there is nothing more caring than a grandmother's love. Sadly, even a grandmother's love is not enough to fill hungry stomachs when a family is living in tragic poverty.

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