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The Most Sacred Days Are Near

For the next 30 days, Jews all over the world are preparing to observe the High Holy Days. Together with you, The Fellowship is committed to providing 250,000 impoverished Jews in Israel and the former Soviet Union with food packages and other essential items, so that they might celebrate the High Holy Days with dignity.

This most sacred time of the year begins at sundown on October 2 with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and continues through Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

This is traditionally one of the most meaningful and heartfelt times for the Jewish people.

But tragically, instead of prayer and celebration, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Jews – including Holocaust survivors – are in deep despair. Many, like Galina, simply cannot afford daily food and the special provisions required to properly celebrate the High Holy Days.

Galina was only eight years old when World War II reached her hometown in Crimea. As they fled her home, her father was forced to make an unthinkable choice, as he was only allowed to take five family members with him.

“My father’s two other sisters had to stay behind in Kerch,” Galina sobbed as she recalls. “They died there. I still remember them very well.”

Now 84 years old, Galina has other significant worries, including failing health and an apartment that has rotted away, leaving little defense against the wind, rain, and cold.

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of impoverished Jewish souls like Galina are unable to meet their needs each day, much less prepare for this holiest season.

That is why we prayerfully ask for your help today.

Your gift of love and compassion today will immediately go to help the most vulnerable and suffering during this holy season.

As the Lord leads, we urge you to give your very best gift as you bless the Jewish people as part of this much-needed High Holy Days Outreach.