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Observing the High Holy Days with Dignity

For the thousands of poor families in Israel and the former Soviet Union struggling to survive every day, preparing a meal for the High Holy Days can be a source of anxiety and distress, rather than a time of joy.

This was true for Rachel, a single mother living in Israel who relies on government disability checks to survive. She had a bright future ahead of her until diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis prevented her from working and supporting her young daughter, Dana.

Rachel is in incredible physical pain, but the greater difficulty is not always being able to provide food for her daughter. "I never expected I would have to rely on food boxes to eat," she says tearfully.

When Rachel opened the Fellowship food box she received in time for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), she was speechless for a moment. "I thought Dana and I would only have bread and soup for Rosh Hashanah," she whispers. "This food box is straight from God. I cannot remember the last time we had a feast like this – with meat, rice, vegetables, and even juice."

Thanks to our generous supporters, The Fellowship provided food boxes to over 200,000 needy Jewish people in Israel and throughout the former Soviet Union. As the High Holy Days come to a close, the need for food, medicine, and shelter is still urgent for many impoverished Jewish people. You can provide lifesaving assistance all year long by making a gift to The Fellowship today.

Together, let's show God's love to the least of these during the end of this sacred season and help them begin the Jewish New Year with His good gifts of joy and peace.