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High Holy Days

Young Mother holding her son

His Heartbreaking First Words

Poor, innocent Fiodor has seen far too much tragedy in the first two years of his life. Born in a war zone in Ukraine, his mother sadly recalls his first words – “tanks,”...

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Elderly man looking off camera

There Is Very Little Time to Help

There is still time to help before the High Holy Days. Many elderly and impoverished Jews are waiting for their food box to be delivered – and more and more...

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Elderly woman standing by a white door wearing a blue headscarf

“Sweet Honey Has Been Spilled on My Soul”

Larisa dedicated her entire life to caring for her aging husband and son who suffered from severe mental illness. Sadly, over the last 8 years Larisa has lost both husband and son and now lives...

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Elderly woman wearing a headscarf sitting next to a red basket of food

Blessings Needed Quickly

The High Holy Days begin at sundown on September 20th. This gives us just a short time to get special food packages into the hands of 250,000 elderly, poverty-stricken Jews – including...

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story image HHD, elderly man

Your High Holy Days Blessing

Being a blessing to the most vulnerable among God’s people is why we have committed to reaching 250,000 impoverished Jews through The Fellowship’s High Holy Days...

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Elderly woman hands crossed on table, wearing glasses and a plaid shirt

Blessing the "Least of These"

Together with you, The Fellowship is committed to providing impoverished Jews in Israel and the former Soviet Union with basic necessities such as food, medical assistance, and heating...

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You Can Make an Impact for Destitute Jews this High Holy Days

The High Holy Days are approaching and, with your help, we plan to deliver food boxes to over 200,000 needy Jewish families, children, and elderly in Israel and the former Soviet Union – so they...

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Deliver Hope to Those in Despair this Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah is here – a time of both celebration and personal reflection that ushers in the High Holy Days and is the most sacred time on the Hebrew calendar. But for those...

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Observing the High Holy Days with Dignity

For the thousands of poor families in Israel and the former Soviet Union struggling to survive every day, preparing a meal for the High Holy Days can be a source of anxiety and distress, rather...

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Help Alleviate Anna's Hunger During This Sacred Season

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah is drawing near – the start of the High Holy Days. The ten-day period from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur is filled with prayer, reflection, repentance, and...

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Help for the High Holy Days

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year is fast approaching, and we urgently need your help to feed the poorest of the poor during our High Holy Days Campaign.

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Joy Instead of Despair During the Holiest of Days

Today tens of thousands of vulnerable Jews are unable to prepare for the holiest season of the year. During what should be a time of reverence, prayer, and celebration, thousands are in despair, as...

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A Sweet Holiday Season for a Woman with Mental Illness

Lyudmila lives with her sister, Rita, in Ukraine, and if it weren't for The Fellowship they would be all alone in the world.

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"Thank God there are good people who want to help us!"

Melina's four children used to beg her to buy meat, but then they realized that whenever she did their electricity would be turned off that month. "I do everything I can to be the best mother...

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