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"You people are wonderful....You people give me strength!"

Bracha, a blind woman living in Ashdod, has no one to help her during Operation Protective Edge. Her apartment has no protected room so when the code red siren sounds, warning of an incoming rocket, she simply goes to the stairwell in her building.

When Fellowship volunteers knock on her door to deliver food and check to see how she's doing, she smiles widely. "Thank God! I wanted to call you," she says, referring to the emergency hotline The Fellowship established for Israel's elderly in the line of fire, "but you beat me to it! I need to go out and buy things, but it's very difficult for me. My son has been called up to the IDF reserves and I have no one to help me."

When the volunteers ask how she's dealing with the crisis, she points to a bottle of pills. "I'm terrified! I have these pills help calm me down. My social worker took me to the doctor today and he wrote me a prescription," she explains. "I don't like to take pills, but the doctor said I have no choice. I can't deal with the situation on my own."

The Fellowship volunteers give Bracha a package of prepared meals that will last her for the entire week. More importantly, they give her a chance to talk with someone about her situation and fears.

As they get ready to leave, Bracha says, "You people are wonderful. Thank you for the food and for listening to me. You people give me strength!"

When you support our Guardians of Israel program, you help us provide desperately needed security for the Holy Land as well as necessities for the needy during times of crisis. As the rockets continue to rain down, help us let people like Bracha know they are not alone.

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