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"You have healed my soul and changed my life."

When Judah first arrived at Fellowship-sponsored Afikim, an after-school program for at-risk kids from needy families, he was dirty, wearing torn clothes, and struggled with behavior issues. Judah's father is in jail for abusing him as a child, and his mother is a mentally unstable woman who can't hold a job and lives off welfare. His school was threatening to expel him and his mother wanted him out of the house – to fend for himself living on the street.

The help that Judah received through The Fellowship-sponsored Afikim program was a positive healing experience – but it wasn't easy at first. Judah yelled and screamed and found it hard to sit in one place for more than a few minutes when he first arrived.. "The beginning was a disaster," Judah admits. "I felt like I was always being abandoned and abused and didn't trust the staff of Afikim to be any different."

Despite his bad behavior, the staff remained patient and loving throughout the difficult first months. They put him in class with other kids who had been abused and provided him with therapy, support, and love. They also made his mother attend parenting classes.

"Today my teachers are proud of me for succeeding in my studies, my mother loves me, I have amazing friends, and best of all, I love myself," Judah says with a proud smile. "This was only done thanks to The Fellowship. You have healed my soul and changed my life."

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