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You Can Make a Life-Changing Difference for Israel's Children

For countless children in Israel, summer is a difficult time. Young kids in low-income households often spend what should be carefree summer days home alone with nothing to eat and nothing to do. Many feel vulnerable and scared, anxiously waiting for their parents to return home from the jobs they simply cannot leave while their children are off school for the summer.

It is with these children – and their worried parents – in mind that we launched our Summer Shelter program, a series of summer activities that provide a safe community, learning opportunities, and warm meals.

Watch this important video to see the huge difference Summer Shelter is making in the life of Israel's children.

This life-changing program is supported by our Pay Love Forward Campaign, which will ensure that 140,000 children are able to participate in Summer Shelter this year.

When you give to our Pay Love Forward Campaign, you are paying your love of Israel and the Jewish people forward by providing for these vulnerable young children. And you're also providing for the future of a stronger, more secure Israel.

Please pay your love of Israel forward today, and consider paying love forward throughout the year by becoming one of our monthly supporters.