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Yosef: A Survivor's Story

Yosef, an elderly Ukrainian Jew who escaped Nazi persecution during World War II, made aliyah(immigrated to Israel) with his wife in 1991. Now, at 84—with his wife in a nursing home the result of a debilitating stroke—he's struggling financially. "Between my rent and other bills, I just can't make ends meet on my government pension," he states, his voice breaking.

That's a difficult admission for Yosef, who has always prided himself on his ability to overcome great struggles. As a boy of 13, he worked to support his family when his father died of cancer. When World War II began, he fled with his family to a neighboring country where he did backbreaking work in an oil refinery. He was eventually drafted into the Soviet Army and recovered after being shot by a sniper's bullet.

But his financial crisis was one he could not seem to overcome. Then his plight became known to social workers, who directed him to a soup kitchen supported by donations to The Fellowship'sGuardians of Israel program. Without his daily visits to the soup kitchen, which is not far from his Jerusalem apartment, Yosef says he doesn't know how he would eat.

"God bless you good Christians who support The Fellowship," Yosef states. "Now I see that I owe a debt of gratitude to Christians who are making sure that old Jews are getting food when we need it. Thank you!"

Please give generously today to Guardians of Israel, so that Yosef and all those who have suffered so much can live in dignity and comfort, secure in the knowledge that others care.