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When Daily Meals Aren't a Given

"To some people, having a warm meal every day is a given, but for me, and so many others who come here to eat, it's a matter of survival," says 60-year-old Liza as she sits at Nitzav Refael, a Fellowship-sponsored soup kitchen.

Liza has suffered much throughout her life. She grew up in Moldova, and explains, "When the Soviet Union split, Moldova's economy fell apart, and who do you think the people blamed? The Jews."

With the declining economy and tension toward the Jews, Liza and her husband made plans to escape Moldova. It took a number of years, but they made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in 1995 with their two boys.

Sadly, Liza's husband passed away shortly after immigrating to Israel, and after his death, Liza was left to care for their boys by herself. "I worked as a barber in Moldova, and continued my profession here in Israel," she explains. She made just enough to provide for her family.

Liza's sons no longer need her support, but her business has slowed down in the past few years and now she is barely making enough to provide even for herself. With the growing costs of food, rent, and basic utilities, Liza sometimes worries that she won't make it.

"The Fellowship-sponsored soup kitchen is an oasis in a neighborhood filled with poor and aging immigrants," she says. "I know so many others like me who would not be able to survive if not for this warm meal. Thank you for being here for us and giving us the help we need."

When you give to our Simcha Summer campaign, you provide simcha (joy) to needy people like Liza – and you experience the joy of pleasing God, who calls us to care for those in need.

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