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Warming a Cancer Patient's Home and Heart

Yitzchak was five years old and living in Morocco when the modern state of Israel was founded. Riots, lynchings, and unwarranted arrests of Jewish residents in Morocco and the surrounding Arab nations became the norm. But thankfully, he and his family fled to Israel.

Yitzchak and his family grappled with many obstacles in their efforts to establish a life in Israel, not the least of which was the disease gripping young Yitzchak: polio. In Morocco there had been no vaccinations for polio, and Yitzchak's condition, although manageable, hindered his mobility and limited his ability to work.

Thankfully, God blessed Yitzchak with a loving wife, Tzviah. They moved to the southern city of Sderot where they started a small retail store. They had two children, a home, and a store, and together they were happy to be living in the Holy Land.

But in 2005, when Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip and Hamas terrorists took control of the area, rockets started raining down on southern Israel, especially on the city of Sderot. Yitzchak's business came to a screeching halt as people stayed indoors and visitors rarely came to the city.

In addition, Yitzchak is now fighting cancer. No longer able to work and still paying off the debt incurred by their failing business, Tzviah and Yitzchak have been struggling to survive. They live off a small fixed income that barely covers their living expenses. Heating their home this winter would have been impossible were it not for The Fellowship's assistance.

"Thank God for The Fellowship," Tzviah says when she talks about the check for winter heating she received. Her husband might not have made it through the cold winter months this year were it not for The Fellowship. Thankfully, his prayers were answered this winter when God delivered His assistance through The Fellowship , heating Yitzchak's home and warming his heart.

You can help us answer more prayers for help when you become a Friend of The Fellowship, offering the kind of ongoing monthly support that ensures that people like Yitzchak will have somewhere to turn for lifesaving assistance and needed hope.