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Warming Bodies and Hearts

After spending his whole life helping others stay connected through his job at the post office, Zakin, 93, is now isolated by health problems that require him to use a wheelchair to get around. The challenges of his physical limitations – and his financial struggles – are even greater in these frigid winter months. Winter storms, like the one that descended on Jerusalem last week, pose a real threat to the elderly and impoverished for whom life is already a daily struggle.

When Zakin and his wife, Tita, who is now 85, made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from Tunisia in 1972 they were so excited to finally live in their spiritual homeland. But the years have taken a toll on their health and their financial situation.

Tita has health problems and functional disabilities of her own, and so the couple must spend their small government pension almost entirely on medicine. This makes winter a very difficult time for them, as it is nearly impossible to afford heat.

Thankfully, this winter they received a blanket and heating check from The Fellowship, and they are so grateful for the help, which will allow them to make it through the cold winter months with dignity.

When you join our Operation Warmth Campaign, you help provide lifesaving assistance for people in desperate need, like Zakin. Help us provide loving care for these vulnerable people with your generous gift today.