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Valentin : Grateful to be in the Promised Land

Coming to Israel 12 years ago from the former Soviet Union (FSU) was a dream come true for Valentin and his wife. "We felt as if we were just waiting out a prison term before we could get to the Promised Land," says Valentin, now 74.

Being in Israel deepened Valentin's faith. He began going to synagogue daily. "I cried the first time – it brought back memories of my grandfather," says Valentin, recalling his beloved ancestor who had been a prominent rabbi in the FSU before the rise of Communism. "How happy he would have been if he had lived to see this day!"

But then the couple began to suffer from various health problems. Valentin is losing his eyesight and is already considered legally blind. Three years ago his wife was diagnosed with cancer. She has undergone an operation as well as chemo and radiation therapy and is bedridden. Soaring medical bills have left little money for rent, utilities, and food.

Thankfully, in Valentin's city there is a soup kitchen sponsored by The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel. Every day, Valentin gets on the bus to travel here and eat lunch. He is also able to take home dinner, and lunch for his wife.

Valentin and his wife are overwhelmed with gratitude for the help they have received from Guardians. "Thank God they're here to take care of us," he says. "I don't know what we would do without this soup kitchen."

There are many more elderly Israelis living in poverty who simply cannot afford the cost of both medicine and food. Please donate to Guardians today and help give comfort to those in need »