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Turning a mother's nightmare into a blessing

Belet and her husband tried for years to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) from their native Ethiopia. Finally, in 1991, they were able to realize their dream.

But great challenges lay ahead. Not long after their arrival, Belet gave birth to a daughter. Chana was born blind, deaf and mentally challenged. When a social worker suggested that Belet have Chana put up for adoption, Belet responded in great faith, "If God gave me this special gift, it means that I can handle it. He brought us to Israel as a gift to us, and I will raise this child as a gift to Him."

Several years later, Belet's husband became critically ill and lost his job. Previously, Belet had cared full-time for Chana - who, at 10, was unable to walk and feed herself - as well as taking care of her three other children. Suddenly, Belet was forced to take a low-paying day care job to cover family expenses.

The family's financial situation grew more and more desperate. Faced with a particularly harsh winter, Belet was unable to buy warm clothing for her children. "They would cry at night about being cold, and were embarrassed to go to school without a coat," Belet recalls.

Then one of her children's teachers told Belet about The Fellowship. Belet contacted a social worker, who told her that she was eligible for emergency assistance through The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel special needs fund. The next day, Belet received emergency funds to purchase warm clothes for her children. "The Fellowship turned every mother's worst nightmare into a blessing and happy ending," Belet says. "Thank all of you in America who helped save my family this winter."

Your donation to Guardians of Israel assists others like Belet who would otherwise have nowhere to turn for help. Please give to Guardians today - and may God bless you, even as you have blessed his children, Israel.

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