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Thousands of Hurting Israelis Fed

A Mother's Desperate Plea

Rabbi Karkovsky shook his head as he told the story of the young mother and her four children who came to the Fellowship-supported soup kitchen in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak, seeking help. The director of the Beit Hatavshil (Betterment House) has heard many heartbreaking stories, as thousands of Israeli families struggle to meet their daily needs amid the nation's economic challenges. But this family's plight was particularly sad.

"This dear mother came in with her children, the youngest of whom was just two months old," Rabbi Karkovsky explained. "Her husband had been out of work so long that the family's water and electricity had been cut off, and their account at the local grocery store was closed… I sent one of our volunteers to their home, and she came back in shock. The house was almost bare and the refrigerator was broken. The mother and her newborn slept on an old mattress on the floor."

"The mother didn't want to ask for anything. Only when her children started crying from the pain of hunger did she come to seek our help…We went to work helping straighten out their debts, and we are also working to help the father receive some back pay from his former employer."

Rabbi Karkovsky is deeply grateful for the Fellowship and friends like you, who support our Guardians of Israel program. Please help Rabbi Karkovsky and others do this incredible work of feeding the hungry by donating to Guardians of Israel today.