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The Tragedy of Survivors Still Living in Poverty

Gregor was just a young man when the Nazis invaded Ukraine during World War II, killing most of his relatives and imprisoning him in a Jewish ghetto.

But Gregor escaped, and spent the next 18 months running from one village to another begging for food and protection. Sadly, he came out of the war with nothing, and did the best he could to provide for his family as his life of poverty continued.

Gregor's suffering before and after the Holocaust is unimaginable. And, tragically, he is still living in poverty. Today, Gregor is one of 135,000 elderly poor people in Israel who have to choose daily between food, clothing, and shelter – their meager pension simply does not cover all these basic needs.

And in the former Soviet Union (FSU), the plight of Holocaust survivors is even more heartbreaking. The vast majority there have no running water, heat, or even minimal medications.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of compassionate Fellowship friends like you, we have the opportunity now – before it is too late – to meet their essential needs today.

"It is wonderful that there is a Fellowship of caring people," Gregor says. "Christians helped me survive the Holocaust, so it is great to see our two faiths working together. Thank you so much!"

We need to assist thousands more elderly men and women in both Israel and the FSU. This is a sacred privilege God that has granted us! When you support The Fellowship, you bless the lives of Holocaust survivors – like Gregor – who have endured unbelievable horrors and are now struggling to stay alive during these last years of their lives. Thank you for opening your heart to help them with your gift of life and love.