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Tania: Journey From Desperation to Success

Forty-six-year-old Tania worked as a doctor's assistant in Ukraine. Though she made a small salary by Western standards, she managed to live relatively comfortably and support her son and daughter.

But when the Ukrainian economy collapsed in the mid-90s, Tania was forced to dig deeper and deeper into her meager life savings simply to survive. Then tragedy struck—her beloved son was killed, caught in crossfire during a gunfight between rival terrorist groups.

It was then that Tania decided to take her daughter and start a new life in Israel. However, upon her arrival, she found that her medical credentials were not recognized. She had to take low-paying jobs working retail and cleaning houses.

One day, she saw an advertisement for a Fellowship-sponsored job-training course for immigrant women. She enrolled, and with the help of counselors set up a cosmetics business in her own home. Business is booming, and today Tania is considering moving to a small storefront in the commercial center of her neighborhood.

Tania finally found success in Israel, thanks to Guardians of Israel. Please give today - and help more people like Tania on the road to success and independence.

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