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Tamar: Igniting a Spark for Israel

Growing up in Siberia, Tamar, 16, knew little about her Jewish heritage. Her life, however, took a turn when she and a friend went to a weeklong seminar during which they were immersed in Jewish faith.

Tamar says that "after that week it felt as if a spark had been ignited within me. Something very powerful that I can't explain began taking over me. I felt I needed to be in Israel." Her parents knew that in Israel Tamar would have a better life than she ever could have in Siberia. So shortly thereafter, Tamar left her parents and brother behind and made aliyah (immigrated to Israel).

Tamar arrived in Jerusalem where she transitioned easily and made friends quickly thanks to the Bat Zion boarding school, sponsored by The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel program. At Bat Zion, Tamar lives in a loving and caring environment where her needs are provided for, including, food, housing, clothing, as well as medical, dental and social services. She also receives religious instruction that has helped her grow in her faith. From the start, Tamar realized that she belonged in Israel and believes that in time, her family may even join her there.

Tamar is so thankful to Guardians of Israel for providing her with the opportunity to grow and learn in Israel. "This isn't just a school," she says. "It's a place where we are learning about life and about ourselves. I want to say thank you very much to all of the donors. You've given us the opportunity to be in a place that is helping us understand that there's a Creator and a deeper meaning to life."

Bat Zion is just one of the many Fellowship-supported schools in Israel that helps young Jewish immigrants deepen their faith and find a better life in the Holy Land. You can help them thrive in their new homes by donating to Guardians today.

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