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Support Israel With Your Flag Pin

As Israel celebrates her 70th anniversary this year, the U.S. has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, answering the prayers of Israelis and friends of Israel everywhere. But it triggered a firestorm of hatred and violence among Israel’s enemies.

God is working through and around us and this is a critical time to Stand for Israel.

The Jewish state is torn by conflict and under fire from enemies on all sides – take a stand in solidarity against those who strive to tear the Holy City from the hearts and hands of the Jewish people!

Our solidarity with Jerusalem and Israel is founded on Bible-based compassion. Together, we are helping the Jewish state care for her neediest people with food, clothing, and shelter, as well as providing her defenders and first responders with equipment for their dangerous jobs.

As we help deliver lifesaving resources to the people of Israel beyond what the government is able to provide, we are doing our part in strengthening Israel in ways that truly matter.

And the needs continue to be staggering. Plus, destitute elderly in the Holy Land remain at great risk because of their age, meager resources, and being all alone.

You can proudly show your support and solidarity to help strengthen Israel as she stands at the forefront of faith, freedom, and democracy.

Wearing your Flag Pin will demonstrate that committed supporters like you are doing your part and acting in faith to strengthen Israel in significant ways that truly matter.

Request your US-Israel Flag Pin with your gift today.