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Scavenging for Their Shabbat Meal

It's heartbreaking to see how many Holocaust survivors in Israel get the bread for their Shabbat (Sabbath) meal. Because they are so poor, many must scavenge the outdoor markets after they close, looking for scraps of food that have been thrown away. Others beg the vendors for a small portion of what they didn't sell that day.

These means never provide enough food – and they don't afford these who have already suffered so much in their lifetimes the dignity that should be accompanying their final days.

Watch this moving video to learn how you and bring comfort and hope to the most vulnerable Jewish people who need ongoing assistance.

When you become a monthly supporter of The Fellowship, you enable us to provide food, clothing, medical care, and other necessities to those who so desperately need the help. And perhaps most importantly, you help these needy Israelis know they are not alone.