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"The Fellowship Has Given Us Joy"

Sagury, 13, is the only child of parents who came to Israel from Ethiopia. Since his parents are sick and unable to work, the family lives off a monthly government stipend. Their sickness also prevents his parents from properly caring for Sagury, so he's often left to fend for himself. He walks himself to and from school each day, was rarely served dinner at home, and didn't have any friends.

All of this changed dramatically with the opening of the Fellowship House in his neighborhood. At this community center for young people, sponsored by your donations to The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel program, Sagury has met close friends and counselors who help him feel secure and happy. He receives nutritious food, assistance with his schoolwork, and is even learning to use computers. "My parents never saw a computer in their life," he explains. "But I know how to work one. That means I will have a real chance to succeed!"

Every day Sagury walks from school to the Fellowship House and stays there until it is nearly bedtime. Then he walks home with all the other kids who live in his building, often laughing the whole way home. He doesn't like remembering what life was like before the Fellowship House opened. "It has changed my life. The Fellowship has given us joy," Sagury says. "Thank you."

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