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Reuven: "I Want To Be An Example for My Children"

Reuven, 26, came to Israel on Operation Solomon when he was nine years old. After two years of living in a crowded caravan, his family moved to an old apartment in the central city of Mazkeret Batya. Although their apartment was not in the best condition, Reuven says that "when your family has been dreaming for centuries of returning to the land of your ancestors, the condition of your apartment isn't so important."

Reuven became a serious student, who completed high school and fulfilled his mandatory military service. Upon his completion, however, Reuven had trouble finding steady employment.  "There's still not a framework in which we can find our place and integrate fully into society," he says. "I worked here and there, but I had no real direction."

Thankfully, Reuven discovered his calling after hearing about the TeLem project funded by The Fellowship's Guardians' of Israel program. The TeLem program provides young Ethiopians with a supportive framework in a kibbutz environment, room and board, vocational training, salaried jobs and the skills they need to become active and contributing members of Israeli society.

Reuven is currently working in the Kibbutz factory where he makes pipes for irrigation systems and is studying to be a computer technician. "I love the work and what's more, I love the courses," he says. "This is my country and I want to be an example to my children. This program is putting me on the right path."

Programs like TeLem are essential for the development of the Jewish nation. Education and job training give struggling immigrants the tools they need to help themselves. Help them on their journey to self - actualization by giving to Guardians of Israel today »