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Restoring a Struggling Family's Faith in the Future

Five years ago Eti's world fell apart. Her husband left, moved to another country, and hasn't contacted her since. He left behind a business with extreme debts, which the banks are holding Eti responsible to pay off. Eti does not have a college education, any family to turn to, or a steady job, yet she has two children – ages 12 and 14 – who rely on her for everything.

"Looking at my children, who lost their father and now have the fear of losing their electricity and home, is hard for me to deal with," Eti says. "I always wanted to give my children the world, and now I can barely give them food."

After her husband left, Eti and the children moved into a public housing complex in order to save her small salary for food and other bills. "Most of the time I find a way to cover my bills, but four months ago my daughter needed medicine and I spent our electric money to buy it for her. At the end of the month our electricity got turned off and for two weeks we lived without it. I would go to sleep crying and begging God for a miracle. Then one day God sent The Fellowship, and they turned my electricity back on," Eti says.

"The Fellowship's aid has enabled my children to have faith in the world and hope in the future. When strangers provide for our needs instead of abandoning us, it gives my family and all of Israel – hope and courage. Thank you for standing by my family and not leaving me alone."

Genesis 12:3 tells us that when we bless Israel, God blesses us. When you selflessly give a year-end gift to impoverished families like Eti's – or to orphans, Holocaust survivors, and others in desperate need we know God will bless you this holiday season and in the coming year.