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Rescued from the Streets

Anuk is a teenager from Ethiopia who arrived in Israel five years ago as an orphan.

Anuk's parents died when he was younger, and he was sent to an abusive foster home. Out of fear for his life, he decided to flee with only the clothes on his back. Anuk had no family or friends in Ethiopia, so he joined a group of people making their aliyah to Israel.

Anuk arrived in Israel alone and totally lost. He didn't speak Hebrew and knew no one. For three months, he lived on the streets of Tel Aviv. "It was terrifying for me," he said, "to be homeless in a new country with no one to turn to for help."

But just when things seemed hopeless for him, Anuk discovered Shanti House, a Guardians of Israel-supported project that provides temporary or permanent housing for Israeli youth in need.

As soon as Anuk walked into our Fellowship-supported home for youth, he felt safe and loved. Within a week he was taking Hebrew lessons, and two months later he was registered at a public school in Tel Aviv. "Here, I went from being an orphan to having the best family in the world," exclaimed a beaming Anuk.

Now, four years later, Anuk has graduated high school and will be serving in the Israeli army. "I look forward to giving back to Israel, just as The Fellowship's caring donors gave to help fulfill my needs for a safe place."

It is thrilling to see Anuk escape the streets. This program has been so successful The Fellowship has launched an extension of this work in the Negev desert. It is called Desert Shanti, designed to house 35–100 children for whom The Fellowship is their last hope.

This Fellowship program faces daily costs, which we can only meet through the compassion of friends like you. Please stand beside us a true Guardian of Israelthrough your contribution to programs like this one for at-risk children and youth.

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