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Providing Shelter for a Desperate Mother with Nowhere Else to Turn

When a Code Red siren goes off, it signals immediate attacks from the enemies on Israel's borders. When she hears the siren, Naomi, a single mother living in a dilapidated home, panics as she runs to safety. "My house is so run-down that huge rocks fall from the walls and ceiling regularly, so instead of hiding in my home, I run outside thinking I am safer, but I am terrified."

Naomi was so frightened for her two young sons living in these extreme conditions that she sent them to live in a Fellowship-sponsored orphanage to keep them safe. "I cried out to God for help but had nowhere else to turn."

Security issues are a huge concern for all Israelis, who live surrounded by nations that regularly launch rockets at their civilian populations. But for Israel's poor, the fear and concern are exponentially greater.

We cannot allow our Israeli brothers and sisters to suffer. Please reach out today to help provide urgently needed emergency assistance to desperate people in Israel, like Naomi.

Thankfully, there is somewhere to turn to for help. The Fellowship worked to fix Naomi's house so it will be safer during peacetime – and during times of war. She can barely express her gratitude. "Finally, I'm not alone," she says with relief.

Your generous gift to The Fellowship will be put to use immediately, ensuring that Israel's citizens, especially her most needy and vulnerable, are protected from the many threats. And your gift will help people like Naomi know you stand with them in their most difficult hours.