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Providing a Safe Haven When Rockets Fall

When Code Red sirens go off in Israel, signaling that yet another rocket has been launched on civilian areas by terrorists in Gaza, people have a matter of seconds to get to safety in a bomb shelter. This is troubling enough when the shelter or safe room is in their home, but those who live in apartments or in impoverished parts of town often have to run down several flights of stairs or even run down the block to get to a community shelter.

Irena, the social worker who oversees the community bomb shelter in the southern Israeli city of Be'er Sheva, noticed that several people in her neighborhood were struggling to get to the shelter each time the siren went off. "There are a number of disabled people in the area, including one man who is in a wheelchair," she explains. "There are also a lot of children and elderly residents. How could all of these people make it here in time?"

When a young girl fell and broke her arm while running to the shelter during the last war, Irena proposed a solution: Allow people to live full-time in the shelter during the war.

This result was far from ideal. The shelter was not set up to house the 40 people who wound up spending a week in the small room. The room had no television or radio reception leaving the inhabitants without critical security updates.

Thankfully, The Fellowship stepped in, outfitting the shelter to better handle long-term inhabitants with TV, radio and other critical essentials for survival in the shelter.

"Thank you so much to The Fellowship!" Irena says enthusiastically. "On the other side of the world there are people that care about us. Despite the distance, they are giving us a great big hug. Israelis just want to hug them back!"

When you give to our Helping Hands Campaign, you are providing desperately needed security to this country that is surrounded by enemies. Your gift also provides necessities such as food, shelter, and medical assistance to needy Jewish people throughout the Holy Land. And when you bless Israel with your support and with the encouragement of knowing they are not alone, you are pleasing our God who says of Israel, "I will bless those who bless you" (Genesis 12:3).

Please join us in God's work with a generous gift today.