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Provide Hot, Nutritious Meals to Elderly Jews

Tragically, thousands of elderly, impoverished Israelis – many of whom survived the Holocaust – now suffer the terrible indignity and deprivation of going hungry.

That is why The Fellowship supports a network of soup kitchens throughout Israel to help make sure elderly Jews are all being fed and cared for in their final years.

The Beit Batya soup kitchens in Kiryat Shmona, Israel's northernmost city, are part of this network. Because it is so close to Lebanon, it's unfortunately a prime target for terrorist rocket attacks. With the Israeli government forced to devote so much of its financial resources to protecting its citizens, there isn't always enough left to provide for the city's poor – including elderly people like Ziv.

Ziv is an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor who lives in a run-down and moldy apartment building. Because of his diabetes and heart disease he is bedridden and can no longer climb the five flights of stairs to his small, one-room apartment.

He relies on regular deliveries of food from this Fellowship-supported soup kitchen.

You can provide assurance that people in this situation also can get the help they need.

"I can't leave my apartment or afford help, and without these meals I would be forgotten and starve," says Ziv.

Thankfully, so many wonderful donors are stepping forward to help – people like Judith from Illinois, who wrote to The Fellowship in response to our request for donors to tell us why you give, "God gave me a heart for the Jewish people. God has blessed me and I want to pass on the many blessings He has given me."

The lifesaving impact of Judith's support is confirmed by one of the soup kitchen volunteers, who explains, "Many of the people we feed are too sick to leave their house, so we bring the food to them. I can tell you firsthand that the people who receive this food daily would starve without it. What The Fellowship is doing here is the most important work in the world: feeding the hungry."

There are so many more elderly Jewish people like Ziv who rely on the dozens of Fellowship-funded soup kitchens throughout Israel. Please reach out today to help us provide hot meals to these suffering souls.